Seeking Help?

The decision to seek help for a problem is often a difficult one. Concerns may have been building over time or a crisis may have occurred which is affecting you or your family. Making the initial call to a counselor is a critical first step toward resolving the problem.

Choosing the right therapist is equally critical and consideration should be given to the therapist’s education and training, maturity, empathy and compassion, and level of experience with your particular circumstance.

The practice of Covington & Hafkin and Associates is dedicated to helping people understand and resolve their problems. Our therapists are experienced in dealing with a broad range of mental health issues and use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help develop coping strategies to fit individual situations. We provide guidance through the exploration of values, beliefs, and feelings to help promote an increased self awareness and a greater sense of well-being.

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Infertility and Our Veterans

RESOLVE and ASRM have been working tirelessly to change an outdated ban on IVF within the Veterans Affairs. However, there was recently a passage of an appropriations bill which included an amendment to allow IVF and/or adoption assistance to Veterans with a service-related injury causing an infertility medical diagnosis. This is only a temporary fix, and much more is needed to help support these veteran, including better understanding of how these injuries impact the service member.

Dr. Laura Covington is continuing her research to better understand how these combat-related injuries that impair fertility have influenced attitudes around family development (i.e.-marriage and procreation) and overall quality of life. If you have a combat-related injury that has impaired fertility or know someone who does that would be willing to participate in the research study, please contact Dr. Covington at 202-412-8022 or laura.covington@integramed.com.

Featured Therapist

Erica Mindes, PhD

Erica MindesPregnancy loss, infertility, and other reproductive health issues can affect every aspect of your life, creating feelings of sadness, isolation, anger and grief. Counseling provides a safe space that allows you to sort out your feelings, navigate strained relationships, make tough decisions, and find resolution. Dr. Mindes uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you manage your emotions and develop healthy coping strategies, so that your reproductive health crisis can eventually prove to be an opportunity for life-enhancing personal growth.

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