Speaking Engagements

Nancy Hafkin has served Mid-Atlantic as Conference Chair for two Conferences:  The Effective Group Therapist and Becoming Who We Are in Groups.  Dr. Hafkin was Conference Co-Chair for two Conferences, as well:  Care for the Heart and Soul of the Psychotherapist:  Psychodramatic Explorations and Integrating Authentic Cultural Competence into Group Psychotherapy.

Covington & Hafkin took part in a one-day collaborative workshop with the Barker Foundation staff in June, 2016 entitled “From Fertility Treatment to Adoption: A Collaborative Training”.

 Sharon Covington co-chaired the Post-Graduate Course on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Baltimore, MD, October, 2015.  In attendance were NH, KW, EM, TS, LC, EE, PS, CT.

Erica Mindes presented at the 2015 Richmond Fertility Workshop on “Strengthening the Support You Provide & Receive from Your Partner During Your Infertility Journey,” and on the “Third-Party Reproduction Panel.”

Erica Mindes will be presenting a Mental Health Professional Group Clinical Session on “Ethics in Known Gamete Donation” at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2016 Scientific Congress.

Sharon Covington was asked to consult on a new initiative “Mom’s Mental Health Matters” for the National Child & Maternal Health Education Program (NCMHEP) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This program is providing information, resources, and public education on postpartum depression and anxiety.

All of our staff is available to speak to groups and community organizations on a variety of topics. Contact us for further information.