Who and What is Essential?

By Dr. Karen Wasserstein “Essential services” has become one of the new phrases of 2020.  It has good company—“social distancing”, “six feet away”, “stay home orders”,  and “flattening the curve.”  We are all using the same phrases and meaning the same thing—these phrases have entered our vocabulary and changed us. States have different definitions of “essential services.”  I read that one state was determined to have hairdressers and golf courses considered essential services, while I know in my home state of Maryland  hair care is not considered essential.  The joke I saw on social media was that in six weeks we will know everyone’s true hair color! But what is no laughing matter is the experience of those who were [...]

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Amy’s Story

(See also: It Takes a Village: Strength from support groups for single women going though fertility treatment and Jennifer's Story.) I am the mom (I'm a mom!!) of a 10-week-old baby girl. I knew when my last relationship ended a month before my 39th birthday that I was not willing to spend another couple of years with someone trying to figure out if they were the "right" person or not. While through the process, I might risk missing my chance of having children with that person (if I hadn't missed the chance already). I realized the dream of marriage and children was actually two dreams and they didn't have to occur in a traditional linear fashion.   Even at my [...]

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Jennifer’s Story

(See previous entry: It Takes a Village: Strength from support groups for single women going though fertility treatment) When I turned 40, I decided that I needed to think hard about becoming a mother on my own. I spent a good 6 months in the 'thinking' stage, another 6 months in the 'planning stage,’ and at 41 took the leap of faith, picked a donor and started the process. I completed 2 IUI's and then went directly to IVF with PGS testing, which gave me 2 chromosomally normal embryos. One created my son who recently turned 1 years old and the other one I am going to try for baby #2 soon when I turn 43 years old. For me, [...]

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