It Takes a Village: Strength from support groups for single women going though fertility treatment

For many years Shady Grove Fertility has been sponsoring a monthly group for single women pursuing treatment to become a single mother by choice. For many women it becomes a lifeline- a place to talk about their treatment hopes and successes as well as their difficult decisions and   losses.  Women talk about  a wide range of topics:  their sharp  disappointment at not beginning a family the way they had hoped to,  their  concern about raising a child without a father and  about  how they could manage the logistical and financial challenges of being a single parent . They also talk about the many issues related to fertility treatment . They share information about sperm banks, treatment options  and the  [...]

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Surviving Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Holidays, with their focus on family and children, can be emotionally challenging for individuals and couples experiencing fertility problems.  But Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are often especially difficult.  As celebrations of parenthood, they can be painful reminders of the child you yearn for.  For some, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day may also mark the passing of time – another year that’s gone by without being able to create a family.  The sense of isolation can often feel acute.  But a little preemptive planning can improve your ability to cope and make it through the day more easily.   Check-in With Yourself Think about how you’re emotionally handling your fertility journey right now and realize that this may be different [...]

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Strengthening the Support You Provide and Receive From Your Partner During Your Infertility Journey

Infertility and the accompanying treatment is emotionally, physically, and financially stressful and often experienced as a source of distress.  While individual responses vary, feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and anxiety are common.  Over time, self-esteem may plummet, social relationships can falter, and one’s sense of femininity or masculinity may be affected.  Yet infertility is not just an individual trauma, the strain on a couple’s relationship can be profound.  Although many couples ultimately feel their infertility journey has drawn them closer together, at times they still grapple with feeling alone and isolated in their desperation.  Because each member of the couple is dealing with this significant life crisis in her or his own way, they may not be aware of [...]

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