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Choosing a Family Member or Friend as a Gamete Donor or Gestational Carrier: Issues to Consider

The decision to create your family with the assistance of third-party reproduction i.e., donor egg, donor sperm, or gestational surrogacy is a difficult one.  Choosing this family building option ultimately involves grieving the loss of having a child who is genetically related to both or either of you, and/or grieving the loss of the experience of pregnancy and carrying your child.  Once an individual or couple feels comfortable moving forward with third-party reproduction, the next decision involves whether to use a known or anonymous/previously unknown gamete donor or gestational carrier (GC).  A known gamete donor or GC is a family member, friend, or acquaintance with whom the recipients or intended parents have a preexisting relationship.   Why Choose to Work [...]

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Single Mother by Choice: Is Single Motherhood Right for You?

There are many ways that women decide to be a single mother by choice. A portion of these women made a promise to themselves that they would become a single parent if they were not married by a certain age. Others have been married and divorced without children and still want to be mothers. Some women always pictured themselves as a parent—but not necessarily as a wife—so single motherhood makes sense to them. For others, the decision involves mourning the dream of the “traditional” path to motherhood: love, marriage, and then a child. Some women feel like they are racing against their biological clock and choose to date often and take any opportunity to meet a potential spouse. They soon [...]

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It takes two “I”s to create intimacy during infertility

Infertility, and the accompanying decision-making about treatment, is a stressful process and can cause one to doubt previous notions about one’s self and one’s relationships with others.  Just as we all have unique fingerprints, no two people will experience infertility in exactly the same way nor express their individual needs and emotions  alike.  Thus, for couples, it can be helpful to find commonalities in the experience to help decrease the feelings of isolation that are often associated with infertility.   While infertility can be a time of crisis and stress, it also presents an opportunity to build areas of communication and closeness in a relationship that might otherwise be neglected.  But how do you work on intimacy when you are experiencing [...]

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