It Takes a Village: Strength from support groups for single women going though fertility treatment

For many years Shady Grove Fertility has been sponsoring a monthly group for single women pursuing treatment to become a single mother by choice. For many women it becomes a lifeline- a place to talk about their treatment hopes and successes as well as their difficult decisions and   losses.  Women talk about  a wide range of topics:  their sharp  disappointment at not beginning a family the way they had hoped to,  their  concern about raising a child without a father and  about  how they could manage the logistical and financial challenges of being a single parent . They also talk about the many issues related to fertility treatment . They share information about sperm banks, treatment options  and the  [...]

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Choosing a Family Member or Friend as a Gamete Donor or Gestational Carrier: Issues to Consider

The decision to create your family with the assistance of third-party reproduction i.e., donor egg, donor sperm, or gestational surrogacy is a difficult one.  Choosing this family building option ultimately involves grieving the loss of having a child who is genetically related to both or either of you, and/or grieving the loss of the experience of pregnancy and carrying your child.  Once an individual or couple feels comfortable moving forward with third-party reproduction, the next decision involves whether to use a known or anonymous/previously unknown gamete donor or gestational carrier (GC).  A known gamete donor or GC is a family member, friend, or acquaintance with whom the recipients or intended parents have a preexisting relationship.   Why Choose to Work [...]

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Single Mother by Choice: Is Single Motherhood Right for You?

There are many ways that women decide to be a single mother by choice. A portion of these women made a promise to themselves that they would become a single parent if they were not married by a certain age. Others have been married and divorced without children and still want to be mothers. Some women always pictured themselves as a parent—but not necessarily as a wife—so single motherhood makes sense to them. For others, the decision involves mourning the dream of the “traditional” path to motherhood: love, marriage, and then a child. Some women feel like they are racing against their biological clock and choose to date often and take any opportunity to meet a potential spouse. They soon [...]

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