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“And when are YOU having another?” Common Emotions behind Secondary Infertility Explained

Secondary infertility affects those who already have one child, but are unable to conceive a second. You may have had little or no trouble conceiving a baby the first time around, and then suddenly you find that after months or even years of trying for a second, you are unable to do so.   No matter what your first story was, you may be feeling a sense of shame at your difficulty in having a second child, and a sense of failure at not having a sibling for the child you have, with the spacing between them that you desired.   Your situation can raise many new questions and feelings that are normal and quite common among the patients we [...]

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Lesbian Couples – Path to Parenthood

An increasing number of lesbian couples are using reproductive technology to become parents.  Not having suffered the heartache of infertility, many come to the process hopeful and thankful that there is a technology to help them achieve their dream of parenthood. For others the reality of needing to use a medical intervention to achieve this end is frustrating.   The social landscape for lesbian couples has, of course, changed dramatically in the last decade.  In addition, the recent   Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage dramatically expanded legal rights and protections. However, bureaucratic hurdles remain. For example, at least in the near term, second parent adoptions are still the order of the day. Learn more about LGBT Family Building Resources [...]

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Unexplained infertility

Every person has their own process in fertility struggles. Each individual and each couple has a unique journey in getting “through” it. Thankfully we can feel united with others who also had or have dealt/dealing with infertility diagnoses. The experience of infertility can make you want to seek out other people who understand the emotional, medical, and physical aspects of it.   Even in relating to others who have struggled with fertility, there are commonalities but also differences that can make even the shared experience seem isolating. Approximately one in five couples will experience unexplained infertility despite completing a full infertility work-up. It is hard enough to have a reason or something medically to attribute to having difficulty conceiving, but [...]

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