Nurturing Healthy Partnerships During Fertility Treatment

Times of stress affect many aspects of life and may negatively impact those closest to you. It is sometimes easier to conserve emotional energy by withdrawing than to reach out to a partner. During a challenge to fertility, this can lead to feeling alone and unsupported, perhaps even for the first time in a previously harmonious relationship.  Emotions run deep and can be overwhelming to an individual, let alone a couple. Preexisting patterns may no longer be effective facing this new challenge. We often want to share all our ups and downs with those nearest and dearest, so rather than fending for yourself, try going on offense as a couple.   How do you know what your partner really needs [...]

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I have come to truly appreciate the word AND.  It is so little, but it could be the most powerful word in our language.  It is a word that gives us permission to experience multiple feelings at the same time. It is a word that allows us to be human. Why do we often force ourselves into one emotion? And even when we allow ourselves to have multiple emotions, why do we assume they all  have to be the same stripe. “I am sad for myself AND happy for you” says the mother whose daughter was moving away.  “I love it here AND I am homesick” says the 18 year old away at college for the first time.  “I am [...]

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What’s Stopping You? It’s Just a Conversation to Start…..

Sometimes making the call to ask for help is the hardest step to take when you are having difficulty conceiving.  Many things can get in the way of reaching out and getting assistance--sometimes these obstacles are within a relationship or other times within you.   And at times, the myths associated with infertility can be obstacles too.  For example, many have heard the advise from well-intentioned (but ill informed) friends and family to “just relax and it will happen”, while there is no clinical evidence to support this notion.   Infertility is a condition of “absence”, that is the lack of a wished for baby, and despite it being recognized as a “disease” by every health/medical organization, some find it hard [...]

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