Changing Course: Anxiety, Decision-making, and Choosing a new treatment path

When you are faced with the decision about whether to transition to a new course of treatment, you may be feeling a lot of anxiety. Uncertainty over what to do and how to proceed can throw you into a feeling of disequilibrium and you may struggle to achieve a sense of balance again. It’s important to remember that these are normal feelings. You may be coming from a place of unsuccessful treatments, and experiencing a sense of grief and loss; therefore it is hard to feel excitement or place hope in the future and a chance of success with another path. Additionally, this path may involve more intensive treatments, like IVF, or a different way to have a family, such [...]

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Your Body, Your Boundary, Yourself

As I write this blog about boundaries, I realize that I think a lot about my own boundaries, my physical and emotional boundaries, my boundaries in my work life and my boundaries in my personal life. Oftentimes they are all connected, sometimes they are not, but without fail, I am aware that when I keep my boundaries in mind, I am more likely to face life’s challenges feeling less overwhelmed and to make decisions that serve me well. How can keeping your boundaries in mind, help you deal with the stresses that fertility treatment  presents?   WHAT ARE BOUNDARIES?  WHY DO WE NEED THEM? Boundaries are physical,  emotional  and mental limits we set(certain boundaries are set for us….a door that [...]

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Tips for Coping with an IUI or IVF Treatment Cycle

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments improve the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth, offering opportunities for family building to individuals and couples. Some challenges may come with these opportunities, though.   What to Expect: Common Emotional Responses during an IUI and IVF Cycle   Research has shown that patients tend to perceive an IUI or IVF treatment cycle as moderate-to-very stressful. However, it is important to remember that each person will experience the stress differently based upon his or her own personality and life experiences. During IVF treatment, it is very common for mood to fluctuate over the course of the cycle, for both women and men. Feelings of anxiety and distress may increase as the cycle [...]

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