Individual Counseling

For adults who are dealing with psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, grief and loss, excessive anger, stress, family conflict, and poor performance at work or school.

Clients come because they are dissatisfied with their lives and their relationships, yet lack the awareness and strength to figure out the needed changes and implement them.  Individual psychotherapy provides professional feedback on decision making and emotional functioning, supporting individuals in growth and change, and allowing individuals to lead a more balanced life with greater awareness and appreciation.

The experienced therapists at Covington & Hafkin are dedicated to helping people understand and resolve their problems.

Couples Counseling

For married, premarital and unmarried couples, Couples Counseling focuses on the relationship between individuals.

The challenges to lasting relationships are myriad — transition to marriage, transition to parenthood, the empty nest, living with ADHD, the blended family couple, medical illness, dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss, aging, separation and divorce, infidelity.

In Couples Counseling, it is possible to improve expressive and listening skills and to develop intimacy and compassion.  The process of being well coupled over the life span requires consciousness and the willingness to constructively address problems.  Prevention is key, and even couples who function well can benefit from regular check in sessions.

Group Psychotherapy

A powerful method for growth and change, a therapy group involves up to eight individuals who meet face to face to share, support, and challenge each other and to practice new relational skills.

Group members have the unique opportunity to receive multiple reflections in a safe environment.  With assistance from therapists, group members work on verbalizing feelings, sharing space and time, actively expressing caring, and establishing personal boundaries.

Significant behavior change is an outcome of this very interactive process.