Supervision & Training

The field of Infertility Counseling is a rapidly growing specialty area in psychotherapy. Many clinicians are finding more patients presenting with reproductive issues and a complex history of reproductive loss. Whether infertility is a presenting problem or occurs during the course of therapy, clinicians need to understand challenges faced by clients as they navigate the world of assisted reproduction. Further, the fallout and aftermath for families who have struggled with infertility continues long after family building is resolved and can impact relationships for generations.

We are committed to the training of clinicians who are interested in expanding their skills in the area of reproductive mental health counseling.  Our live, interactive ten-month teleconference classes Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course, have been highly successful in educating mental health professionals across the continent and is now attacking participants across the world. Until this course, few clinicians have had access to an intensive, live, learning experience in this field. Here is what a few members of our classes have to say:

“This class was so helpful for someone entering this field, but I imagine also for those who have been practicing for some time. The content spanned into more advanced information for practice, and gave space for learning. I would highly recommend this course for anyone working with people who are experiencing fertility struggles, or who are planning to use ART to create a family.”


“Even though I have been working in the field of infertility counseling and 3rd party reproduction, this class was extremely helpful to learn in a group and solidifying concepts as well as learning from Sharon and Linda’s experience. I found this class to be incredibly helpful in reinforcing what I already knew and also learning concepts in a supportive environment. If you are interest in infertility counseling this class is extremely helpful!!”


“I’m thrilled that I took this course and am so grateful to Sharon and LindA and all of their expertise. I learned a tremendous amount, their case examples to illustrated concepts in the readings were excellent.”

T.H., PsyD

“If you want to learn how to do gold-standard infertility assessments, this course is a must!”

J.R., PhD

“Sharon and Linda offered such a strong and comprehensive knowledgebase to all participants. Class was enjoyable as were the assigned readings and shared articles. The only drawback was class ending and…I would take another class with Sharon & Linda!”


“The Fertility Counseling Post Graduate Course is a must for those interested in establishing a foundation of competency to provide clinical services within the field. It is taught by experts with a true passion for the subject matter. The reading materials, case presentations, and discussions are both interesting and timely. The live videoconference format allows participants from all across the USA (and further) to connect and learn from each other. Participation has been an invaluable experience to me as a clinical psychologist.”

H.H., PhD

“Excellent program, top-notch teaching, well worth the time and money.”

M.S., PsyD

“Fantastic class, very well organized and comprehensive! Sharon and Linda are top-notch and I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other members of the MHPG. It was an impressive group and I found it helpful to hear a wide range of perspectives.”

N.G, PhD

“My expectations of the programme are being met. The course material is rich and the facilitators are knowledgeable and well experienced in the field of Fertility Counselling. The facilitators and students are very professional and I look forward to presentations and case discussions every month. These interactions are very informative and I am learning a lot.”

Y.W., RN, MS

“I particularly enjoyed the many case studies that provided practical aspects and stimulated thought and discussion. Excellent course taught by the best in the field!”


“It’s been a privilege to be learning from Sharon and Linda who are not only pioneers and experts in their field but extremely warm and personable people. The depth and breadth of their knowledge and experience, the questions they asked, and the case examples they provided allowed for a rich training and learning opportunity. The three hours went so quickly and the sessions were always extremely thought-provoking. I highly recommend taking the postgraduate fertility counseling course with Sharon and Linda!”


“Due to my personal experiences, I have wanted to transition into providing counseling and workshops for those affected by infertility. Passion and “having been there” is not enough, however, to be able to competently and ethically provide these services. Taking the FCPC has increased my knowledge, awareness, and skills and given me resources that I can reach out to as I encounter challenging situations in practice. Among the most valuable resources are Sharon and Linda themselves, who enthusiastically welcome questions and involvement both inside and outside of our virtual classroom. The format and material of the class sessions makes it easy for us as students to stay engaged. I have also been connected to other like-minded professionals in my classmates, which is not always easy to find in person or nearby. This professional development experience has been worth every penny.”

C.L., PhD

“I feel like I am receiving an invaluable foundation in fertility counseling through the lenses of seasoned experts in the field. The readings and case material presented provide deep insight into the complex and thought provoking emotional, clinical and ethical material that emerge in this work. The webinar format is intimate and conducive to learning from both teachers and students alike.”

A.F., PsyD

“The Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course has been an invaluable learning experience. The structure of the class allows for interesting discussion and examination of the complexities of fertility counseling. I particularly enjoy the case examples that are shared in class and find them to be very helpful in conceptualizing various issues. As a clinician new to the fertility field, this course has helped me to feel much more confident in working with fertility clients.”

“Sharon and Linda’s course gave me the educational piece I was missing to help support individuals and couples facing infertility and pregnancy loss. They helped me feel more confident in my private practice and ultimately I was able to find a position at a medical practice in 3rd party reproduction. I’m so grateful!”

The Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course (FPCP) is approved for 30 credits, including three in Ethics, of Continuing Education credits by the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners and the District of Columbia Board of Psychology. FPCP has also been approved for Advanced Training by Postpartum Support International (PSI) for Certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C). Please see the attached flyer describing the course.

All classes for 2022-2023 course are filled. We are in the process of designing future classes based upon the new edition of Fertility Counseling coming out in late 2022, which will now be in two volumes: Fertility Counseling: Clinical Guide (2nd ED) and Fertility Counseling: Case Studies (2nd ED), Sharon N. Covington, Editor, Cambridge University Press, 2023.  If you are interested in a future course, please fill out this application and return to Sharon Covington and we will be in touch in the Spring or Summer of 2023.

We are excited to announce a newly released 7.5 CEU program though PESI and The Psychotherapy Networker on: Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Reproductive Trauma Training Course. This course is a crucial first step to becoming more confident in this growing area of expertise and provide an initial step towards the in-depth clinical training offered in the Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course.