Supervision & Training

The field of Infertility Counseling is a rapidly growing specialty area in psychotherapy. Many clinicians are finding more patients presenting with reproductive issues and a complex history of reproductive loss. Whether infertility is a presenting problem or occurs during the course of therapy, clinicians need to understand challenges faced by clients as they navigate the world of assisted reproduction. Further, the fallout and aftermath for families who have struggled with infertility continues long after family building is resolved and can impact relationships for generations.

We are committed to the training of clinicians who are interested in expanding their skills in the area of reproductive health counseling.  We are in the process of developing new training programs and may be offering another ten-month introductory Fertility Counseling course in the future to be held in Rockville MD.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in participation or learning more.

Our new live ten-month teleconference classes Fertility Counseling Postgraduate Course, has been highly successful this year educating mental health professionals across the continent. Here is what a few members of our classes have to say:


To learn more, please look at 2017-2018 flyer for Monday class and Tuesday class. These classes are full and have begun. If you are interested in being considered for next year's classes please fill out an application and return to us by email and we will get back to you.